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Dr. Aster Mobile: A Mini Hospital on Wheels to Deliver Quality Healthcare Wherever Needed

For a country known as a reputable source of nurses, doctors, and caregivers, access to quality healthcare has remained a burden in several densely populated communities in the Philippines.

Addressing the urgent need to increase basic health services in places that need them the most, Dr. Moopen’s Foundation (DM Foundation), the non-profit arm of Aster DM Healthcare, marks another breakthrough with the launch of an advanced mobile clinic.

Dubbed the Dr. Aster Mobile, the well-equipped vehicle will travel across the country to offer free primary medical care, wherever it is needed, and will also be used for industrial check-ups. It is built with all the facilities needed to provide diagnostic, laboratory, x-ray, medical check-ups, specialists’ consultation, and first aid treatment. The mobile clinic will also be fully staffed by a doctor, nurse, radiographer and medical technologist, who are all ready to use their expertise to offer healthcare services.

“We at Aster DM Healthcare believe that every Filipino has the right to health, wherever he is located. Unfortunately, primary healthcare continues to be inaccessible to a large part of the country’s population, partly because of geographical challenges and shortage of healthcare workers,” Joyce Socao-Alumno, Dr. Moopen’s Foundation Country Representative said.

“Dr. Aster Mobile seeks to assist the existing clinics which are already under pressure to serve the communities’ bulging population. We have designed Dr. Aster Mobile to cross these boundaries and reach places to provide care where care is needed,” she added.

According to Alumno, Dr. Aster Mobile can be compared to a small clinic, equipped with state-of-the-art medical features. For example, while a typical mobile van can only accommodate chest x-ray, Dr. Aster Mobile houses an x-ray machine that can do all types of images. It also has its own laboratory with its own hemolyzer and microscope. What’s more, the vehicle has ECG and ultrasound machine, as well as its own emergency stretcher bed.

While its features are similar to the ones successfully rolled out in other countries, the Philippine version of the vehicle has been customized to fit the kind of roads in the country. Dr. Aster Mobile is built to provide comfort and convenience to patients – it has an air conditioning unit strategically placed at the roof of the mobile, as well as its own pull-able stage with canopy. Anticipating areas where there is no electricity, the van is also equipped with its own generator.

The novel clinic on wheels is in line with DM Foundation’s commitment to offer ‘Care Beyond Boundaries.’ Since 2013, DM Foundation has extended its reach to the Philippines, breaking all barriers to bring its Healing Touch to the country despite the distance.

The foundation’s programs form part of the corporate social commitment of Aster DM Healthcare, a leading health conglomerate in the Gulf Countries, Middle East, and India.

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